5/28/04: The Young And the Hip

I decided to go shopping today. I wanted to check out the threads at Express For Men over at the Newpark Mall in Fremont. I liked what I saw however, I couldn’t find jeans here in my size. The largest waist size was 36″–I’m a whopping 38! I decided to pick the brain of the guy who worked there (Enrique) so that I could get his take on current fashion trends, etc. Given the fact that he was a hip young dude–one who just so happens to work in retail–I figured his perspective could be very valuable.

I introduced myself with a firm handshake and let him know about the company I was starting, sharing a couple ideas/concepts I have in mind. He told me that my ideas sound really cool. His eyes lit up; he seemed genuinely interested in what I’ve got going on, which made me feel good. My affect on him further solidified my belief in the notion that my company has great potential. Everything feels so right; This has to work

He then proceeded to tell me all he knew about jeans including something called “resin”, which he said is a chemical applied to denim during the treatment process which gives jeans a wrinkled appearance. Also, I discovered that the horizontal lines located around the crotch area are called “whiskers”. He also gave me a little insight into the shopping habits of young people, to whom, according to him, price is typically not a factor as they “tend to spend whatever to get what they want“.

He then informed me about a trend that I found very odd. He said that the popular thing to do is to like, never wash your pants, or wash them as few times as possible. He said that the pair he had on hadn’t been washed in close to a YEAR…seriously folks!

Also, according to Enrique sand blasted jeans (as well as jeans in general) are really popular now and that 50% of that store’s retail comes from their pants. Because I had gotten there so early, we were able to shoot the breeze for nearly half an hour before the store’s first customers wandered in.

Anyway, before I left I told him to keep an open eye out for all things oneculture. He insisted that he couldn’t wait to see what develops and wished me luck.


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