5/31/04: The Jeans Couple

Today, I finally met “The Jeans Couple”. We frequent the same cafe. They wear jeans all the time…and I notice this! So I decided to introduce myself and explain a little about oneculture. They were really nice people. And I say this because I really don’t know what to expect when I introduce myself to complete strangers. All I know is that right now, with regards to sharing my ideas with the public, this is literally all I can afford to do. I suppose that inside, somewhere I always brace myself for the worse. But I’ve found that people, once they hear what I have going on, they open up, appearing almost eager to share what they know about jeans. My experience up to this point has been, surprisingly, very positive. Everyone is so supportive. Anyway…

SHE told me that one of her favorite brands is a line called paperdenim&cloth. She says that she likes the fit, which to her is the most important aspect of jeans. She told me that there are tons of other brands out there, enlightening me about lines called Diesel and Seven. She suggests that I go visit boutiques over in The City (San Francisco) and browse the selections. SHE specifically suggested that I try a place called AB Fits (http://www.abfits.com/).

Boy, was I ever late to the party! Apparently, I’ve been missing everything. Up until now my (denim) collection has consisted primarily of Levi’s and Old Navy–and maybe The Gap and perhaps a little Kalvin Klien, but that’s pretty much it. Right now I’m wearing jeans that I purchased from Old Navy. I’m officially embarrassed! Anyway…

HE told me that, although he had on Levi’s, his favorite jeans are a brand called Volcom. Again, he says that it’s because of the way they’re cut/the way they fit. According to him, they have no inside seam which makes them hang a certain way. And speaking of hanging, I hung on every word they told me, carefully taking mental notes. I thanked them for their time and for sharing with me what they knew. They wished me luck.

Yes, I know…”SHE”, “HE”. Well, the fact is that, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’ve forgotten their names already! Shame on me. But I’ll never forget their advice!!!


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