6/04/04: Rolling Over to Rolo (Soma)

roloI ventured over the bridge to the San Francisco Fashion Industries in order to purchase a copy of their resource guide. The booklet contains local contractors, fabric providers, pattern makers and the like. Hopefully it’ll prove fruitful in the long run.
After that, I went to visit a high-end fashion boutique that I found on line at sfstation (http://sfstation.com/) while doing a search for paperdenim&cloth jeans–Rolo Soma (http://www.rolo.com/). The trendy loft space with the open floor plan was bright and inviting. I navigated about the premises among a few other visitors. According to the store manager, they do good business. I noticed that they’re very pricey–I didn’t see any jeans that fell under 100 bucks. In fact, the most expensive pair I saw cost $325! And from the looks of it there seems to be some sort of denim revolution happening. They carried many brands, most of which I had never heard of before–Rogan and G-star among many others. And to think, just a few days ago my knowledge of denim pretty much consisted of Levi’s, The Gap and Old Navy!
The store manager, despite his stuffy appearance was extremely personable and readily offered information and advice. One nugget of info that stood out was the fact that, according to him, designers tend to lose their “cult following” once they become too mainstream. He told me that “Diesel”, although they’re still doing well, is losing its appeal due to over availability. He says that it’s good practice to avoid spreading myself all over.
We browsed the aisles together as he enlightened me about the various brands on the market. He told me that the guy from the Akademiks line was about to start a new high end brand called PRPS. He showed me one line in particular that was started by “a DJ and an atom splitter” right here in the Bay Area–Nice Collective. He said that they’re really cool guys and that I should perhaps contact them. He told me that they’re well established now and that they’ve design clothes for celebrities.

I noticed from talking with him that we seemed to agree on a lot of concepts. I told him my strategy and he said that I have good ideas and that it sounds like I’m on the right track. He said of my marketing technique that guerilla marketing seems to be the best way.

Before wishing me luck he advised me that once I have product to call up/visit boutiques in “The City” (Sann Francisco) and request meetings with the sales reps.




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