6/10/04: Flying SKY High

Today I went back to Express For Men to check out their selection of belt buckles. One caught my eye–a silver ellipse framing a roaring lion–so I lifted it from its display hook and carried it over to the counter to pay. While at the counter I proceeded to engage the store manager about the sizes of their jeans, wondering why I, a prestigious member of The 38″ Waistline Club, was being left out.

Somewhere during our conversation I found room within which to leap into my oneculture spiel when she stopped me mid-sentence, and with a thick Middle Eastern accent said, “Oh, YOOOU’RE de oneculture guy!! I loff de naam and de idea behind it–I just loff it!!” I thought to myself, ‘WOW…a “buzz”; and all without even having a product!‘ Really, the moment was ab-solutely exhilarating. Pure bliss. I was flying sky high…

She told me that she’d been in retail for over ten years, explaining how that one of the things she’d come to understand was that a catchy name lures people and that I definitely have a good brand name. She wrapped things up, like Enrique before, by wishing me good luck, insisting that she’d be waiting to see what develops. With that I floated back to my car.


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