6/16/04: Juuust A Pinch Away

I’m battling a case of the blues today. I need investors badly. You can have all the ideas and concepts in the world; you can even have the best ones. But the sad fact is that your car simply ain’t leavin’ the garage without gas money. Aside from that, I too need help making decisions: a knowledgeable partner, perhaps. I could sure benefit from some “insider” advice right about now. Something tells me that I’d better get used to stumbling blocks.

(A while later)After a long rest, a strong cup of coffee and a conversation with my good buddy, “mood music maestro” and “saxophone extraordinaire”, Jack Wyles (http://www.jackwyles.com/Site/Homepage.html), I feel much better! Sometimes, as an artist, it takes connecting with another artist in order to get through situations like this. And that’s because–to be very honest–all (true) artists tend to be juuust a pinch away from being “normal” (ha ha ha)! And as a result, we simply relate to one another better:o)



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