6/19/04: Decisions Decisions

Alice is the sweet girl who works at the cafe that I frequent. I bounce ideas off of her because I respect her honesty–We all need at least one person like this in our lives! Anyway, as a result, I make it a point to keep her current with regards to my development with oneculture.

Today I sought Alice’s advice about my (prospective) company logo, presenting her with two styles–each with it’s own concept–from which to choose.

Style #1 is the Times New Roman. This version came from my desire for something simple, yet timeless like The Gap (3 white letters–G-A-P–inside a blue box…the end). In the end I want a logo that will stand the test of time; something classy that will appeal to a broad demographic.

Style #2 is what I call The Scatter Font. With this version I made each letter in the brand name a different font in an attempted to spread the company’s theme of cultural harmony throughout the logo.

While Alice told me that she liked both the designs, as well as the fact that I developed each with a specific intent, she said that she liked the Times New Roman version the best, admitting that The Scatter Font makes her think of “oneculture for kids”.

As for myself, I’m torn. I love them both so much. The Scatter Font looks so fun, however, I do see Alice’s point. I definitely don’t wish to project a “oneculture for kids” image. But I still think it’s fun and funky.

The “Times…” version, on the other hand, is more subtle and reflects the brand’s natural logo quality and I like that–one word, one culture, oneculture.

Decisions, decisions.


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