7/2/04: For Those Who Love Jeans

Today, I devised the most jaw-droppingly awesome ad campaign for “For those who love jeans“!!! I can’t wait for everything to come together so that I can share my ideas with the public. This–creating & conceptualizing–is what I do best.

The only tools I require are a strong cup of coffee and a window seat on a sun-shiny day (especially if it’s party cloudy). Using those tools I work with the mindset to develop easily-digestible and coherent theories for all things oneculture–theories that will appeal to your sense of imagination.

Sex sells, and in that regard sex is very safe. But I find “very safe” very boring. So what I’m setting out to do is to offer people an alternative to “structure” through creative marketing and eye-catching design elements. I find comfort in the notion that there simply has to be a certain segment of society–those who love jeans–who feels just as strongly about what I’m doing as I do.


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