7/3/04: Burritos And Fruit

burrito biteWhile researching San Francisco boutiques on line I discovered an excellent new web site (http://www.440brannan.com/). As far as getting samples made they seem to be just what I’ve been looking for. In addition to producing samples for other companies, they also produce their own clothing lines and host parties. I’ll pay them a visit next week…

It’s funny how a trip to a Burrito Shop (http://www.burritoshops.com) can produce fruit! While standing in line, I noticed a young woman wearing jeans who had a very pronounced “pear-shaped” body type. I wanted to get her perspective on jeans so I decided to ask her a few questions.

She told me that while she has no favorite brand in particular, she tends to lean towards brands like Apple Bottoms, Express, and Levi’s which flatter her hourglass figure. She insists that “stretch jeans” are all the rage. Ironically, the jeans she had on weren’t “stretch” but they fit quite well. She said that they fit because they’ve been well broken in. Also according to her, length is very important because she is short.

I wonder if she heard the wheels turning in my head?


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