7/4/04: The Finish

cant fail cafeToday, while having coffee and a snack at down Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe (http://www.rudyscantfailcafe.com/) I noticed a woman who’s jeans had a most beautiful finish. She and her boyfriend were headed out the door so I had to hurry to catch them if I was going to interrogate her.

I managed to get their attention just as they’d arrived at their car. I then (quickly, so that they wouldn’t freak out) explained a little about who I was and about the company I was starting letting her know that, if she didn’t mind, I’d like to ask her a couple questions about her jeans. Thankfully, she was totally open to the idea.

She told me that the jeans, which she purchased in Portugal, were called M.D.W jeans, turning and lifting the back of her shirt so that I could examine the brand tag. It was her opinion that the finish–the process through which jeans are put in order to give them a certain look–is the most important aspect of jeans. She also told me that length is important too because she’s short and that I should seriously consider making jeans for “real” women (of various body types, heights, etc). Her points were well taken.


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