February, 2004: He Stopped Laughing

I’ve already shown my sketches to a couple of people, who’s opinions I feel I can trust, and they seemed to have really liked my design. However, figuring that his finicky sentiments would add balance to the opinion pool, I then decided to show my work to my good buddy Victor “Slick” Temple, a ballet dancer who lives in my building. Everyone who knows me understands that I’m literally an idea per minute, so initially, when I approached him insisting that I finally know how I’m going to make my living, he started laughing, “Oh no….What is it now?

After handing him my sketch, however, while explaining to him the idea behind it as well as sharing other ideas on where I wanted to go, he stopped laughing. I watched his face as he examined my drawing closely. Then, without looking up, his eyes still focused on the paper, he told me:

You know what?


This IS how you’re gonna make your living. I mean, I would actually wear this.

This was *THE* much needed confirmation. I seem to have finally found my lane. I don’t quite know how else to explain it other than to say that my being a jeans designer just feels right.


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