12/07/07: Decisions, Decisions

At last, I met with my sample maker last night to submit the design details for my first ever sew-to sample pair of jeans.  There were still decisions left to be made however, concerning the distribution of thread color throughout the garment.  Decisions, decisions.  I’ll wrap that up today, place the details into an envelope and drop that by his studio later.  After which, only two questions remain:

1)  When will the sample be ready?  My sample maker has his own clothing line to attend to.  But we (especially the me part of “we”) hope to have the sample completed by Thursday (12/13).  But who knows.  I’ll contact him again on Monday to get the official word.

2)  Will the sample look great?  There’s a certain feeling that I wish to convey with my design and I’ve worked diligently in order to communicate with “the consumer” within myself.  If the sample falls short of my expectations, then I’ll simply go back to the drawing board to make whatever changes I feel are necessary.  The great thing about prototypes is that they allow you to actually see where you fell short of communicating your ideas.  Although I’m really, REALLY hoping that things are good to go, I simply cannot proceed if I’m not satisfied; if I haven’t accurately told you what it is that I’m trying to say.  We’ll see…

I’ll keep you posted.  Stay tuned.



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