12/19/07: IT’S ALIVE!!!

Life is full of weird events. My girlfriend and I; both our lap tops crashed last week, and on the same day no less! Well, mine completely crashed; hers simply needed a spare part and was repaired over the weekend. So I’m forced to use hers while the lap top doctors are busy reviving my hard drive. That explains my absence last week. Anyway, moving right along…

I picked up my sew-to sample yesterday and the results are pretty breath-taking. Really. We both marveled at how much character the jeans have and how great they look. My sample maker did an excellent job at birthing my vision: IT’S ALIVE!!! It’s the perfect physical expression of the oneculture concept.

Afterwards, in order to receive some honest out-sider feedback I ventured downtown to a denim boutique where I know the owners. Alfonso told me, while thoroughly examining my sample, that he really digs the style and that there’s “definitely a market for oneculture”. He urged me to stop back by once my full collection of selling-samples are ready to go.

I’m elated to say the least, but I still have my fair share of work cut out. I have yet to tackle the whole “shrinkage” issue plus I also want to do another silhouette. Oh brother…there’s simply too much to stop and think about; I have to keep moving. Anyway, as always, I’ll keep you posted.



For those who love jeans



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