You know, every once in a while I think about how far I’ve come since I started.  It’s been almost four years filled with ignorant mistakes and inspirational moments.  There’s one story in particular that makes me feel really great…in a freaky way.  Because it’s a freaky story.

It’s one of the few stories that I re-read every once in a while for inspiration and to reaffirm what I deeply believe; that oneculture was predestined for greatness.  Looking back over my blog however, I noticed that I’d neglected to post it.  I also neglected to place a date on it.  All I know is that it took place late in 2004.  So here it is: True Story.

“My aunt has a small group of friends with whom she gathers a couple times each month for food, prayer and other old lady things. Today she let me use her car, so I dropped her off at her gathering. My plans were to go and lose myself within the pages of the seemingly endless supply of fashion magazines inside Cody’s Books in Berkeley…and then pick her up afterward.

I had returned to discover however, that (lucky me) I was just in time for the closing prayers. Oh brother…

After the prayer one of the women grabbed my hand, held onto it, stared intently into my eyes and told me, “You have a project in the works; one that you’ve been procrastinating on.” This was a notion that I confirmed. After all, I’ve been dragging my feet with oneculture. Simply generating ideas becomes stale after a while if you don’t have the resources to actually produce anything tangible.

Anyway,after I confirmed her assertion, while still tightly holding onto my hand and staring into my eyes, she said, “DO IT! You’re supposed to be a prosperous young man.”

Afterward, while in the car I shared the story with my aunt; it was time for me to get to the bottom of the joke! I asked her who that woman was and what had she told her about me—her “favorite” (and only) nephew. Then, to my amazement, she told me that she hadn’t shared anything about what I have going on and, in fact, that this was her first time meeting that woman as she wasn’t a regular to their prayer group. Yikes!

This episode just solidifies my belief that, funding or not, oneculture will somehow eventually become a success.”





R.I.P. Cody’s Books in Berkeley:o(


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