2/3/08: The Last Leg

A couple days ago I gathered everything (rivet press, rivets, buttons, labels, “dummy” samples, fabric, sketches and instructions), loaded the items into my car and drove on over to my sample maker’s studio to discuss and begin the last leg in this process; my final sew-to samples.

Up to this point I’ve only had one partially complete “sew-to“.  Since then I’ve gotten new labels and a rivet/button applicator.  So we’re going to finally put the finishing touches on my first sample (a boot leg model in Japanese denim; 99%cotton, 1%stretch) as well as construct two others; a boot leg and straight leg model, both in 100% cotton rigid Italian denim.  I’m also having two different styles of pockets (minus the pants) constructed as well.  It’s ideal to have both patterns and sewn product when dealing with sewing factories, which is my next step.  Then they will produce my entire collection of “selling/salesman samples” and eventually, my first season’s production run.

Todd (the pattern/sample-maker), Ian (the fit model) and I (the designer)-a.k.a. “team oneculture“–have been working for months on this project and the moment has (almost) arrived that I venture out into unfamiliar territory, i.e. finding and dealing with sales reps, boutique buyers and sewing contracting factories.  I’m thinking that perhaps I should begin taking aspirin now in order to prevent all the headaches I’m sure to get during this period.  Anyway…

Todd said that he’d try to have the samples completed by Wednesday.  I’m keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed!  I’ve been staring at these designs on paper forever so to simply say that “I can’t wait to see the results” would be a gross understatement.  Anyway, as usual I’ll keep you posted.  Stay tuned!





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