I picked up three sew-to samples a few days ago–one boot leg (stretch), as well as another boot leg and a straight leg, both non-stretch. Again, we both (Todd and myself) marveled at how much original character the jeans have. After having adjusted the designs numerous times over numerous months I’ve finally arrived at a perfect place. I cannot say enough about these jeans. But I assure you…(again) I assure you-the jeans lovers of the world–that you will be thoroughly impressed. I promise! My sole purpose with this project is to impress you…

To be honest, I don’t know what the season holds for oneculture. There are a few obstacles that hang in the balance. First of all, I desperately need sales reps…SOON!! How do I find these people? I don’t know. I’m just going to go out there and look.

I also still need to lock down a sewing manufacturing company. I have a strong lead, but there are issues that have to be worked out.

My last concern is money–as of yet I don’t have the ability to finance a full production run. I’m not too worried about this though. For whatever reason, I’m convinced that this issue will work itself out.

In any case, the saga of oneculture continues. And as always, I’ll keep you all posted. Stay tuned!



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