3/12/08 Part1: Good Grief!

I‘ve been sort of lost in my thoughts, walking around like a preoccupied zombie. I’m currently preparing for my trip to LA on Friday. But let me back up a bit…

We had another fitting session last week with my fit model, Ian. I felt that we should bring closure to any possible issues with the samples I have before we forge ahead and produce the remainder of my collection. The results were inconclusive but I chose to move forward; the samples look dynamite! The rest of my collection will be completed on Thursday. I can’t wait!!! Anyway…

The results were inconclusive because up to this point I’ve been working with only one fit model. I really wanted to begin utilizing my other fit model (Kyle) because my sample maker and I both agree that it’s important to see how the jeans look on someone else. However, Kyle proved himself to be unworthy of employment. I knew there would be potential trouble with him…

When I posted an add for a fit model many months ago I received lots of emails. I eventually narrowed my choices down to two, Ian and Kyle, of which I decided to use one as a primary and the other as a secondary (fit model). The deciding factor for the primary spot was AGE…period. I simply decided to fill the primary position with the older candidate. Ian, like me, is in his 30’s and generally speaking, there comes a certain level of maturity/reliability with age. That was my line of thinking. And I knew then like I know now that I’d made the best decision. Anyway…

We were supposed to have a fitting session last Monday with Kyle. He was notified the day prior and the appointment was made. He sent me a text message the following day, however–the day of the session–saying that he had decided to go to his cousin’s party. Ohhhh kayyy…

But I totally understood. Honestly. That’s something I too would’ve done back in my early/mid 20’s-ha ha! That’s a classic 20-something move; going to a party instead of going to work. Needless to say that he was (silently) fired on the spot. I’ll never call him back to re-schedule.

For the record, I never received his text message (never “text” your employer, by the way). As the time for the fitting session grew near I decided to call him in order to give him directions to my sample maker’s studio. And that’s when I learned that there would be no fitting session because he was going to his “cousin’s party”! Good grief.


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