3/12/08 Part2: The Uphill Battle

As mentioned in a previous post, the only thing holding my project up at this point is a lack of representation. So I’m flying down to LA on Friday to attend the Designers & Agents trade show in order to find a couple good sales reps. I have a pretty good understanding of the atmosphere I’m walking into so I’m preparing mentally for that.

I spoke with a sales rep/consultant-Leah–the other day. She’s highly regarded by someone I look up to so I feel that I’m in good hands. Although she handles womenswear as a rep, I feel that bringing her into the fold as a consultant would be wise due to her undeniable experience and knowledge. We spoke for about an hour as she filled me in on certain aspects of the fashion industry. We discussed how super saturated the denim market is and how, because of that, I have a bit of an uphill battle.

The “battle” involves the fact that sales reps want to make money when it’s all said and done. As a result, they are often times reluctant to take on new lines because they’re unproven (to produce sales). In addition, as apposed to in 2004 when I began my own denim odyssey, there are now (2008) a TON of denim design entrepreneurs and we all need sales reps. This puts the reps in a position of great power…and they know it. This is the atmosphere I’m flying into on Friday.

I’m still confident despite this! I know where my heart is; I’m purely passionate about producing great art. I’m not out to capitalize from the popularity of denim. That fact alone (not to mention my product) sets me apart from MOST of the other brands that have sprang up over the past few years. Anyway…

I’m going to meet up with Leah as soon as I touch down in LA. She’s going to review and critique my collection and my line sheet. I’m excited to have her on my team-“team oneculture” (Todd, Ian and myself).

I’m definitely going to blog about my trip. And as always, I’ll keep you all posted…stay tuned!


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