4/07/08: I Think I’m Ready

Okay, so with regards to production I’ve received the deal of the century–Yippee!! Really, getting that news was the closest I think I’ve ever come to “Adult Christmas”. If you can recall, a couple weeks back my sample maker and I had visited the sewing contractors who will be producing my jeans. And as you can see, that meeting produced most favorable results.

So I’ve been making my rounds, visiting boutiques in order to get all my buyer information together. I still have a few more places to visit. This part is particularly fun for me because I love visiting boutiques and explaining what I’m doing. I’m hoping that my enthusiasm will become contagious.

Aside from that, I’ve been trying to get my labels and hang tags done. That’s been an adventure in itself, but things are finally looking up. I finally have all my (tag & label) designs complete. I’m due to receive hang tag material samples in a couple days. I look forward to putting this process behind me though; it’s not nearly as fun as boutique hopping.

The question of just how many buyers will be interested in my collection has consumed my thoughts lately. I’ve received lots of positive feedback from “the people”, i.e. potential consumers. They’ve let me know that I have what it takes to compete. But buyers, on the other hand, are the official gate keepers; they tell you whether or not you will compete. Again, I hope that my sheer enthusiasm will become contagious. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

With respects to consumer feedback however, there are a couple in particular that I hold in high regard. A couple weeks ago I summoned “bilmaga” and “Conifurious“, two members of the Nudie Jeans fan site (www.mynudies.com) in order to give them a private screening of my collection. And in return they’d give me an honest, unbiased critique; an easy task I’d suppose given the fact that I’m a complete stranger.

In order for you to gauge the weight of this you have to understand the culture over at mynudies.com. This is a place where hard core denim snobs (and I mean that in a good way) converge in order to discuss their favorite (raw) denim brands. I found this place one day while I was doing research on Nudie Jeans. I had begun to hear more and more about this brand so I set out to see what made them so special to people. I’ve learned a lot there. I figured that if my brand can make it there, it can make it anywhere. So I recruited bilmaga and Conifurious to critique my collection from a “denim snob” perspective.

Their feedbacks were very thorough and  very informative.  I was happy to learn that they found my collection impressive (“very impressed” and “totally impressed”).  I think I’m ready. Seriously.

Stay tuned.
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