4/16/08: Big, Sweet Watermellon!!!

Well, it seems that things have come full circle; I took my first order yesterday!!! Wow…I suppose it all really begins now. That order was the perfect punctuation to my four year odyssey.

I received an email on Monday morning from the buyer for Villains Vault, a super chic boutique in San Francisco, CA–(https://www.villainssf.com/index.aspx) and (http://www.yelp.com/biz/villains-vault-san-francisco). In order to get a sense of my style he requested photos of my collection. I sent 12 photos and also provided video from our fitting sessions so that he could see how the jeans move and fit. I crossed my fingers after that…

The next morning, I received a reply. I could’ve sworn that I heard drums rolling as I opened that emailseriously. Anyway, he said that he’d be in the boutique that day and requested to see “the product” in person. Holy shit!  It came so sudden, the moment I’d been waiting for.

I really do believe that my product does a great job of selling itself. There’s absolutely no pressure for anyone to purchase. All I request is that buyers consider taking a look. That’s it.  I very much look forward to competing with more established brands.

Anyway, so I dropped by the boutique that afternoon in order to present my line. There were two buyers present as well as one other person who runs their other store. I placed my collection on the table and began my presentation, and….well…to make a long story short, they placed an order for 26 pieces right there on the spot.

And to think, I hadn’t expected to sell anything. I had only expected to present my goods then leave and wait for their decision. So considering this, to compare an on-the-spot order to the “cherry on top” would be a gross understatement; it was more like a big, sweet watermelon!!!

Stay tuned.


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