5/30/08: “Getting Ready: Part Two”

Well, I’m still getting ready for production.   The weird thing is that I haven’t made any progress since the last time I wrote about getting ready for production. All the things I’ve been working on for the past couple weeks; the labels, the hang tags, the samples…all came out wrong! Oh yeah, and while we’re on the subject of bad luck, I didn’t get any job offers either and my attempt at dieting went down the toilet! Yep…this is real life, folks! Read up…

Ian (my fit model) is the best. As soon as he slipped into the current (factory made) samples he immediately noticed a difference in the fit. The good thing is that his feedback helped us to pin point the problems. A funny thing happened over at the factory-seems that the leg panels were switched during construction. So now the boot leg has straight leg front panels and the straight leg has boot leg back panels-UGH!!! The waistband is smaller and there is also something happening around the fly area that isn’t right. So now I’m obsessed with the clock as I know that each passing second brings me closer to my delivery date. We really need to remain on schedule here.

Anyway, my pattern maker adjusted the pattern overnight and I delivered everything (denim, samples and the new pattern) to the sewing contractors yesterday morning so that they can cut new samples. They’re scheduled to be completed on Monday. We’ll then do another fitting on Monday or Tuesday so that I can send the patterns off for marking and grading. The labels and hang tags are being re-done as well. I’m sure that everything will turn out OK.

I finally ordered my denim today. I also began the process of obtaining the California garment registration certificate by completing the application. I’ll order pocket lining on Monday. I’ll start my diet again next week too…

So, again, I’m still in the midst of getting ready for production; nothing exciting to share. I suppose you can call this “Getting Ready: Take Two“. I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned.

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