8/01/08: Here We Go Again!

Well, I delivered the goods yesterday. It’s been a very stressful week for me. Seriously, yesterday, when I looked down in order to stare at the first check I’ve ever received as a business man I was more exhausted than excited. I was just happy it was all over for the time being…

To my surprise, there were no production problems. Everything went smoothly on that end. I was allowed to come and go as I pleased for as long as my product was on the production floor, and that’s what I did. I didn’t make a nuisance out of myself though. I just dropped by maybe three times per week just to make sure everything looked A-OK; pockets (check), stitches per inch (check, check), bar tacks (check, check, check), etc., etc. etc. I was in good hands there.

I did however, have an issue with my hang tags!! Oh brrrOTHER

You see, whenever I’m out & about and wearing a oneculture t-shirt, I’m often asked about the meaning. If I’m wearing the “underscored O” shirt for example, people tend to ask, “Okay, so what’s ‘the O‘ mean?” Or if I’m wearing “the slogan” people will ask what oneculture is. I thus thought it’d be a great idea to incorporate an official working definition (for oneculture) into the hang tag.

However, there was a wording issue with my first two hang tag shipments. It’s amazing how noticeable a single word change can be to an author. I don’t think it would matter to consumers either way, to be honest. But still…I don’t want to be misquoted and that’s that! How irritating!! My final, officially correct hang tags ended up arriving the day before they were to be applied; talk about a close call-whew!! That was much too close for comfort…

But there was one issue that outweighed everything to such a degree that it haunted my dreams for a number of nights. I had shown my samples to one particular buyer who wanted to try the jeans on. No problem. In fact, I was eager to see how they looked on him. After all, they fit my fit model perfectly, as did they the other three guys who’ve recently tried them on. Well, this guy was swallowed by the sample. The jeans were visibly large on him. He told me however, that the waist appeared to be disproportional to the legs; he was fairly adamant about it too. Now, this was an absolute first. I’ve seen what my jeans fit like and I know that they fit very well. But still, this info imbedded itself deep into my self-consciousness and became my personal Freddy Kruger.

What *if* there was a fitting problem???

I endured numerous sweaty dreams that involved people trying the jeans on and holding the waistband out with their thumbs, revealing a gaping gap. But the dream I had on the night prior to pick up was the worst of all. I dreamt that the sewing contractors had, for whatever reason, opted to use black spandex to make my jeans. The jeans had no yoke and had two little back pockets that were too close together…oh yea, and there was that huge waistband! This just couldn’t be…a fitting problem??? No way…not me!

But what *if*…

Listen, I’m brand new at this, folks! So it’s gonna take me a second to get completely comfortable and confident. I needed to talk to someone industry-related regarding this issue. I sought counseling in Leah, the sales rep/consultant I’d met a while back at D&A in LA. I also had a lengthy discussion with Todd, the manager of premium denim brands over at the sewing contracting factory. They both told me the same thing; basically, that I shouldn’t let the buyers get to me. In short, the talks helped to peel away a few layers of doubt.

The doubts were totally eradicated yesterday however, after I brought my boxes of jeans home. I urgently ripped into the first box I laid hands on in order to retrieve a size 38; my usual size. This size fit large on me, so I then reached for a size 36. The 36’s, on the other hand, fit like magic: an absolute perfect fit! I could actually feel the stress & tension immediately begin to leave my body after that….

I’d visited Rolo SOMA a few weeks back and I remember being handed a pair of jeans by Jean Shop, size 36. The sales person explained to me that Jean Shop denim runs large and that since I typically wear a size 38, a size 36 would fit me best. And she was right!

With that said I had found the “problem”, that being that there was never a “problem” at all. onceulture jeans simply run large. With oneculture denim, people just have to size down 2x in order to achieve a perfect fit. I seriously feel so much better now…

I’m going to start contacting buyers on Monday in order start selling for the spring season. Yep: here we go again!

As usual, I’ll keep you all posted. Stay tuned!
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One response to “8/01/08: Here We Go Again!

  • alice

    Wow, it sounds like it was an incredibly stressful time. Congratulations on your first check! It’s so great to hear that your jeans are selling in stores.

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