8/5/08: At Last

I landed my first account for the spring season today; a very chic boutique called August located on College Ave. in Oakland (http://augustshop.com/). Boy, oh boy, I’d been pursuing this woman for months! I managed to catch up with her the other day and we formally scheduled a meeting. At last

August is one of those accounts that I wanted really bad so I was a wee bit nervous when I arrived, albeit very excited at the prospect of showing my line!!! I’d planned to pull out all the stops, so in addition to my samples and order form, I made absolutely certain to bring along all the props that my presentation would require.

I actually arrived approximately 17 minutes early, but instead of storming right in I sat out in my car in order to collect my thoughts. I had it all worked out in my head; I would begin by presenting the pieces that are currently available on the market since they’re factory produced. I would then show the other two sew-to sample pieces and tie the entire line and concept together. Made sense to me…

I decided to go in 5 minutes early. As I did I was greeted by two lovely ladies-the buyer I’d been pursuing, and another woman who was either a sales person or a manager. Anyway, I began the show by presenting my boot cut silhouette, “Hello”. Hello is the first style I developed. And in that sense, artistically, it’s my first “statement” to the public, hence the style name: “Hello”.

As I presented they both seemed to genuinely understand and, more importantly, appreciate my point of view, which helped to make this fun! Indeed, I had a great time explaining the ideas behind all the little design details, my favorite being “The Arrow” (see photo).

When I first embarked on this denim project I contemplated, “Why should people buy oneculture jeans?” And this continues to be the perspective from which I design. So I understood early on that oneculture would need a definitive “mark”, something that would set it apart from other brands. I knew that after the fit, that the back of your jeans is where the rest of the magic happens. “The Arrow” was thus, my way of drawing attention to that area; it’s a permanent signature of oneculture.

Anyway, after saying goodbye to “Hello”, I set about explaining the concept behind my straight leg silhouette-“Pulsar”. “Pulsar, The Ultimate Man of Adventure” is a 12″ action figure I had back in 1978 (I turned 8 that year). His internal organs are displayed behind his clear plastic chest, and when you press the panel in his back you can see blood flowing and his lungs expand and contract-this doll was beyond cool!! So I surprised the buyers when I pulled him out of my Britex Fabrics bag (I purchased him unopened on ebay not long ago)-ha ha ha! I continued explaining as they examined the action figure through the cellophane window on the front of the box. They got it…and they dug it. I did too.

After showing the remainder of my collection, I revealed to them the sample fabric and concept of my next style (fall 09′), a slim fit named after yet another one of my old 70’s toys. Yep, and I brought it along too. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m perhaps one of the more nostalgic people you’ll ever meet. And in oneculture I saw the perfect opportunity to bring my younger self along for the ride.

Long story short, the buyer ordered 16 pieces for the spring season! Just thought I’d pass the good news along. As usual, I’ll keep you all posted. Stay tuned!

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