8/14/08: Photo Shoot Video Snippet

We did a photo shoot earlier this morning…more on that later.

For now, enjoy this video snippet from the shoot.


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One response to “8/14/08: Photo Shoot Video Snippet

  • Faith M.

    I have to say that the first time I saw the prototype of a pair of “oneculture” brand jeans, I was more impressed with the fact that my friend was following through with his dream to market his creation rather than the jeans themselves. I wanted to be supportive. Now, after spending an ample amount of time researching oneculture, reading these blogs and so forth, I am truly educated! I had no idea that when it comes to jeans, men are just as concerned about style, fit, durabitlity, utility, etc., as the ladies are. I mean, I was ignorant until now. Hello (yes, pun intended)! I get it. And I am so proud of you friend!

    Not to mention how fantastic they look! The retro angle is priceless. They are well-fitting without being too snug, very James Dean-esque, great stitching, just enough detail and the blackberry pocket?! Brilliant. You educated me, sun. Now I know where to get and what to give daddy for Christmas. Thanks!


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