8/28/08: Looking Ahead

So…we did a photo shoot a couple weeks back. It was very much a last minute thing; not at all reflective of my original concept. But it turned out pretty well nonetheless. I’d decided to shoot each of the two basic silhouettes in “it’s own” San Francisco location. The Palace of Fine Arts provided the backdrop for “Hello”, while the alley adjacent to the Mint Plaza set the scene for “Pulsar”. To me, the cut and style names of each seem characteristic of their respective surroundings. I’m no photographer but the photos do adequately showcase the product. That’s all I’d hoped to achieve.

My pattern maker and I will resume our work shortly and I’m very much looking forward to that. Since shipping my first orders I’ve primarily been busy contacting buyers in order to secure more accounts for next season. So now we’re going to fine tune the spring collection and begin developing the look(s) for fall 09′.

Art is a language. And I really, really enjoy the challenge of communicating without speaking. That, specifically, is what makes me happy; it’s what gets me energized…that and strong coffee. So while “Hello” and “Pulsar” (a classic boot cut and straight leg, respectively) have provided a solid base upon which to enter the market, oneculture fall 09′ will be a tad more experimental and high concept…but still very reflective of my core design aesthetic-stylishly subdued. Hopefully, we’ll be able to execute the vision precisely and effectively. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

As always, I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!
For those who love jeans

Available @:
Drift Denim Essentials
(spring 09′)


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