10/11/08: Quest for the Perfect Sentence

Well, I’m just getting in from picking up a production sample of “Hello Again” (a revision of “Hello”, my boot leg cut). And I must say that although the changes are subtle, the visual difference is quite striking! I’m satisfied now. Groovy…

It’s an interesting characteristic that I’m sure all artistic people share; that feeling you get where, upon releasing your work, you immediately see things that you could “fix” or adjust in order to make your statement more profound, perfect even. Thus, like an author on a quest for the perfect sentence, I felt compelled to tie up certain loose ends on my current offerings before I begin developing my next round of cuts. So in February you’ll see perfected versions of my fall 08′ collection in “Hello Again” and “Pulsar”.

Also, in addition to the orange, brown & turquoise, I plan to offer these cuts in another 70’s inspired thread color combination; a color scheme that I call “1970“. It’s going to be a total blast!!

Anyway, as I said in the beginning I just picked up “Hello Again”. It looks really nice! We’re going to do a fitting session on Monday and, if all fits well, we’re going to cut the revised Pulsar pattern. I’ll then have a “Pulsar” production sample made, followed by another fitting session. And if all fits well, then I’ll send the patterns off for marking and grading. At the same time I plan to make one “last call for alcohol“-a final round of sales before I head into production.

I have another cool denim reserved for my next series of cuts/styles. But I plan to get a Pulsar production sample made with it now just to give me an idea of how the fabric performs. We’ll then begin development for the following season based on the results.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for now…just giving you the play-by-play as always. Stay tuned!

For those who love jeans


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