10/25/08: Fade Update

worn for almost 3 months

Fade Progress: worn for almost 3 months

Howdy! Just thought I’d drop in to give you all a visual of how the fades are coming along. As you can see (click on the photo), the denim fades quite nicely and takes on a streaky textured character. It’s weird too because in it’s raw form the denim is a very dark, rich indigo; quite unlike what it becomes in, say, 6months of constant wear. Indeed, after 6-7 months you end up with a prize: a totally different (and better) pair of jeans!

For those of you who, as of yet, still don’t yet understand the significance of raw denim, just think of it this way…Think back to when you were little and working diligently, day after day, eating your way through that box of cereal in order to get to the special prize hidden within. Well, such is why I love rigid/raw denim jeans. I’m attracted to the whole “arts & crafts” aspect of rigid denim. The fact that just by simply wearing my jeans I’m creating my own sick wash over time…it’s like a hidden game that comes with your purchase!

Anyway, again, I just dropped in to give you all a fade update. I’ll keep you all posted…stay tuned!

For those who love jeans


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6 responses to “10/25/08: Fade Update

  • Joey

    Did you wash them during those 3 months or is that how they looked after their very first wash? Also how did you wash them?

  • bartacker

    Hey Joey,

    While I’ve worn them daily for the better part of three months, I haven’t washed them yet. I plan to wash them in another few months; they should be nice & ready by then!

  • Joey

    Oh nice, that’s some awesome fading after only 3 months.

    I’m new to the whole raw denim thing. I tried it out once and after 6 months of wearing my jeans every other day, I finally washed them (in cold water with vinegar recommended from the dude working at the place I bought them) and they looked just like the day I bought them. Sounds funny complaining about jeans looking good as new 6 months after you bought them but I was pretty bummed.

    Hopefully I’ll get my hands on a pair of your jeans soon so I can try it out on those. Seems like I won’t be disappointed. =]

  • bartacker


    Wow, sounds like the jeans you bought were a total waste of time. But as long as you learn from failure, that’s what counts the most…that’s what eventually makes you a master!!

    The fading process can be tricky. I’ve seen some really amazing fade work. I’m convinced however, that you can’t achieve truly awesome results without helping the process in some way. For instance, whenever I sit down I bend my legs in ways that promote whiskering and honeycombs. Also, after a month and a half of constant wear, I’d given myself a nice sand rub at the beach (I’d heard about someone getting good results this way). I plan to do this again at least twice before the first wash. So again, I’m convinced that in addition to constantly wearing your raw denim (whichever brand you choose), you probably have to help the process in some way in order to achieve the most dramatic results.

    Good luck with your next efforts. And check in to my blog from time to time, if you like. I plan to post the final “after wash” results in a few months.

    For those who love jeans

  • offyatree

    that’s awesome for 4months! keep wearing them…. how much were you selling those for?

  • bartacker

    Hey offyatree,

    The retail price varies slightly from boutique to boutique. On average, they run anywhere from $175 to $180. It was imperative for me to price the pieces competitively. However, I also wanted to keep things reasonable for consumers.

    By the way, I just saw your comment today; sorry for the delayed response.

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