11/19/08: Spring 09′ Update, Part 2

SEASON 2 (barefoot)

oneculture: SEASON 2 (barefoot)

Last night’s fitting session marked the climax of spring 09 sampling: we finally achieved desired results. One more minor adjustment to make and the patterns will finally be ready for marking and grading. For whatever reason, the sampling process was extremely draining this time around. I’m happy and relieved to be done with it…

In Pursuit of Perfection
I thought I’d share a photo from last night’s session. These are the prototypes: Pulsar, Pulsar-Slim Taper, Hello Again and Hello Again-Slim Straight. They give you a strong sense of what the finished product will look like. However, the final production pieces won’t be exactly the same; they’ll be even better. Improvement is the constant goal and as president (of oneculture) I can assure you this: you will be better off next season than you were this season…pinky swear!

Pleasant Surprise
The production of my last sample yielded a pleasant surprise. What we were shooting for was a good fit. We ended up hitting our mark and with a new thread color reference as well. I’d selected an old school brownish color, something reminiscent of an old pair of Levi’s…nice and neutral. I liked the results so much that I’ve decided to offer it in the spring. I call it “Classic“. In addition to the different cuts, the color references (“1978“, “1970” and “Classic“) add another dimension of choice.

Observation: The Importance of Shoes
Viewing the photos from last night made me realize just how important shoes are. Shoes help to define the leg in that they create an interesting interplay between the knee and the hem that punctuates the calf and promotes “stacking”. You loose this effect however, when you’re barefoot. For instance, notice how the Pulsar models (barefoot and on the left) look less dramatic than those of Hello Again. I regret not having my fit model re-take the photos wearing his shoes. But then again, I hadn’t thought that I’d be sharing these photos either. Anyway…

Mark Presents

By the way, I’ve added fitting session videos of Hello Again and it’s slim, straight leg counterpart: http://www.youtube.com/user/MarkPresents

So from here, I’m going to finish my line sheets and make one last round of sales. This will give me a sense of how many pairs I will need to produce. I’ll then send the patterns off for marking and grading. I’ll also begin ordering all my inputs: thread, denim, pocketing, etc. The patterns will also need to be checked once they return from marking/grading. If there are discrepancies, they will return for corrections (just thinking about this is giving me a headache). But if not, then we’re good to go into production. I’m set to deliver anywhere from mid to late February. Will I make it? That’s the proverbial “question“!

Like always, I’ll keep you all posted. Stay tuned!

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