11/21/08: Neurotic!!!


oneculture: SEASON 2

Okay, it cost me 50 bucks but I just had to re-take the Pulsar photos…with shoes! And I think that it makes one hell of a slight difference too. The silhouettes are fully defined now. Pulsar-Slim Taper, for instance, actually looks slim and tapered, as it should. Now I can get some shut-eye…

Mark Presents
By the way, I’ve added fitting session videos of Pulsar and its slim, tapered leg counterpart to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MarkPresents

For the record…
I’ve redesigned and revamped my entire spring collection since it was feature on Denimology just a couple months ago. That’s how neurotic I am!!!

Stay tuned!  I’ll keep you posted…

For those who love jeans


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2 responses to “11/21/08: Neurotic!!!

  • Greg Getschman

    Hey Mark,

    The new Pulsar jeans look great. Will definitely buy a pair. Now I only need to figure out which of the cuts I like best! By the way, the recent fade pics you posted are beautiful. An inspiration to persevere with dry jeans.


  • bartacker

    Hey Greg,

    Thanks for the feedback. I can send you fit pics of each of the cuts, if you like. I’m really satisfied with season 2. I’m already thinking about season 3!!!

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