2/4/09: Strategic Planning

12.5oz., Crosshatch, Indigo Selvage Denim

Cone Mills: 12.5oz., Crosshatch, Indigo Selvage Denim

Howdy! Well, right now I’m beginning to order fabric and thread for sampling. I’m moving slowly and carefully toward my next production run.

Trying times call for strategic planning…

Tight finances have forced me to consider limiting my number of boutique outlets down to one for the coming production. And of those who carried oneculture during the fall, I’ve opted to go with The Blues Jean Bar. The reason being is three-fold.

1) The buyer really digs oneculture. He genuinely looks forward to seeing my brand develop. And for me, his enthusiasm makes the whole experience downright rewarding.

2) Location, location, location. The Blues Jean Bar is located in San Francisco’s prestigious Marina district; an area that gets lots of foot traffic. I’d met the buyer there one morning, just as they opened, a couple of months back in order to present my spring line-up. And during my short visit (7-10 minutes) six or seven guys had strolled in, one after the other, looking for this brand and that brand. The buyer let me know that if things go well this time, that he’d consider sharing my product with one of their other locations (Denver, Dallas, Chicago and Santa Monica). I’ve really been wanting to penetrate the LA market too; The Blues Jean Bar just may be my ticket!

3) The Blues Jean Bar carries brands like AG, Earnest Sewn, Joe’s and Stitches, to name a few. oneculture is currently the only raw denim brand on their sales floor so it really stands apart from all that pre-washed denim fabric. I think they’ve sold everything that I gave them.

Anyway, as for the spring menu, that’ll depend on what’s ordered. So it remains to be seen which styles will actually be available. However, I definitely plan on offering the “1970” color scheme this time; I was really surprised by how well it was received. I just hope that I’m able to persuade the buyer; he’s a “1978” fan. Also…

The Italian denim I used during the fall is good stuff and it fades well. But in the spirit of offering something different, I felt that the 1970 color pallet would be best paired with denim possessing a bit more visual character. So I ordered sample yardage of a beautiful 12.5 oz, crosshatch, indigo selvage denim-a Cone Mills product. The roll arrived today (pictured above). I’m going to have a couple of production samples made with it once my thread arrives. I can’t wait to see the results!!

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for now. I’ll keep you all posted as things develop…stay tuned!

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