2/22/09: Classic Album

My samples were completed on Friday and I’m literally drunk with excitement. I can’t wait to get the pieces out and into the market! The new “1970” thread color pallet works remarkably well with the texture of the cross hatch selvage denim. This pairing resulted in a very “adult” looking garment that still makes a funky little statement. Just what I wanted…

As mentioned above (The new “1970” thread color pallet), I made adjustments to the original 1970 color scheme. I felt that the contrast was too strong so I toned it down a bit, selecting a darker shade of beige and an olive green as opposed to the original moss green. I also opted for a brighter shade of brown; now the bar tacks visually “pop” like they’re supposed to. I’m very proud of the progress made thus far.

Like Elton John’sGoodbye Yellow Brick Road“, Stevie Wonder’sSongs in the Key of Life” or Pink Floyd’sDark Side of the Moon“, you can say that I’m currently in the process of fine tuning what could possibly be viewed as my classic album: oneculture’sHello Again, 1970“.  What’s fashion design without drama, right??? Anyway…

I share all that to say that since things are still a work in progress I don’t intend to post photos until production is complete. At that time, I’ll post images as well measurement specs of all the styles and sizes available.

With regard to the road that lay ahead, I’m anticipating some slight fitting problems with the samples due to the new fabric and a construction misstep. But I’m not concerned; I’m certain that any fitting issues will be an easy fix. But I’m notoriously impatient; waiting is one of the worst things in the world. And unfortunately, my fit model won’t be available for a fitting session until Friday…FRI–FRIGGIN’–DAY!! Uuuggghh…

Anyway…as always, I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!

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