3/4/09: Excited & Optimistic

Current mood: excited & optimistic

Howdy, everybody! Friday’s fitting session went smoothly. Surprisingly, there were no fitting issues. As expected, the new fabric produced more of a snug fit. This just means that the silhouettes will fit more true to size this season. I’m just relieved that the patterns don’t require further adjustment. Now I can move forward.

Unfortunately, my primary fit model has put on a few lbs. since our work began. And my secondary model has gone off to college. So, needless to say, I’ll be looking for another fit model very soon.
2) 5’10”–>6′
3) In decent shape (size 32×32 jeans)
4) Mature & reliable
5) Located near Oakland (my pattern maker’s studio). Just putting that out there…

I’ve ordered more sample fabric in order to complete salesman samples of the entire collection. I’ll then take orders and go into production. From here it’s as simple as that. Although I hate to use the word “simple“; doing so almost ensures further complications. Anyway…

That I’m producing so few pieces could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. For me it means that production won’t take long, which is good! “Hello Again, 1970” should be on the sales floor by late April/early May. I’ve made a number of slight changes from last season’s offering. Nevertheless, the new stuff is such an improvement from fall 08′ that it’s virtually a  different product altogether.

With regard to dry denim, I’ve seen what’s out there. But I’m confident in my product and extremely competitive, so I *totally* look forward to going head-to-head with the more well established brands!!

In addition to the salesman samples, I’m also in the process of grading the back pockets. I’d neglected this step before, more so out of ignorance. However, I’ve expanded my size range to include sizes 28 and 29, so grading the pockets is more of a necessity this time around.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Just keeping you informed. And as always, I’ll keep you posted…stay tuned!

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One response to “3/4/09: Excited & Optimistic

  • Ryan

    This is an old post, but I can guarantee you’ll read this because I can tell you are passionate about your brand, keep up the good work and let me know if you ever need anything (branding, marketing, social strategy ideas, whatever) holla at me, I live this! Or even if you come through the Chi and wanted to chat, I love the entrepreneurial spirit! I’m hoping to go locate your denim and scope it out, my blog needs fresh meat bad… Congrats and keep up the work!

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