4/3/09: Headaches and Good News

Hey, you guys! I just dropped in to share the great news: The Blues Jean Bar is officially on board with the project. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this season holds for oneculture. Let’s go get’em!!

I’ve been dragging my feet over the past few weeks, getting things done sort of haphazardly…happens every year around this time. Every day for the past month or so I’ve been avoiding that hulking file folder sitting on my coffee table. Every now & then I’ll glance over in its direction and accidentally catch a glimpse of it…my annual nightmare: tons of receipts from the year before bulging from within, practically begging to be sorted through, categorized and tallied for tax purposes. But I’m easily overwhelmed by paperwork of any kind; I’m convinced that I’m allergic to documents. So I always put it off until the last minute. Needless to say, that I haven’t been motivated to keep my journal current. Just thought I’d explain my absence from this wretched laptop. Anyway…

Headaches aside, now it’s time for me to kick things into high gear! As stated above, I’ve received the official word from TBJB. In fact they’re going to carry oneculture in several locations: San Francisco (of course), Santa Monica (Hello, LA!!), Denver, Chicago and their new location in San Jose!!

Other than that, I’m still looking for a model. My model search hasn’t been very fruitful. The jeans run smaller this time around so I need slimmer models. My craigslist ad has only yielded one DUD reply after another, with the exception of John Welch. He was awesome and a fellow artist no less. Unfortunately, Mr. Welch was simply too large to fit comfortably into my size 32 x 32. So my search continues. But I’m holding onto hope!

There’s a local art scene that happens every first Friday in Oakland. I’m going there later in order to browse the art and people watch. Hopefully, I’ll find what I’m looking for as I need to get some “fit pics” done soon.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for now. I’ll keep you all posted…stay tuned!

For those who love jeans


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