4/30/09: Finding Sarah Connor


I’d decided last week that I would go over and visit Roger at 440 Brannan. You know…in order to catch up & what not; I haven’t actually seen this guy in ages. If you can remember, 440 Brannan, then “A Motion Studio“, is where I got my first bits of industry information. I didn’t have a product back then or even a brand name. What I did have was an idea…a strong one! The best way for me to describe it is that I felt it, and it felt like new love. Jeans were all I thought about; they were all I wanted to talk about (and this feeling has not subsided). I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I didn’t know Roger Allen but I was determined to have him point me in the right direction.

I still have the audio tapes from our “Q & A” session some 5 years ago. Those tapes are a valuable part of oneculture history and I plan to keep them forever. Anyway…

440 Brannan is sort of like the gift that just keeps on giving. As soon as I descended into its lofty atmosphere I saw him: my new fit model. It turns out that the guy who helps run “440” is the perfect physical specimen. My search is over-Yippee!!

Early on in my journey I’d learned the importance of having a good fit model. I’d purchased a particular style of G-Stars simply because the sales person looked great in his. That image worked on me psychologically and I was totally aware of it. I was completely fascinated by the sheer mechanics of what had just happened. A good fit model is an extremely powerful tool to have.

However, the actual model search can be a weird experience. I’m always a tad self conscious about approaching random guys. For one, you can’t trust anyone in this society, so people are free to assume anything about strangers. Thus, whenever I approach (“Excuse me…”) I’m sure that no one is automatically going to assume that I actually have something potentially beneficial to offer. One guy had even assumed that I was a beggar! Before I could even finish he interrupted with, “No, sorry, I don’t have any money.”-ha ha ha!! Good grief…

And in addition to that, I’m always conscious of the fact that some people may assume that I’m gay. After all, whenever I’m out & about I have to check guys out-front and back! Yeah, I know, I know….gimmie a break! The fact is that whoever has a large seat is gonna look feminine from behind, and since I make men’s jeans, that’s not the look that I wish to promote! So people can assume all they want: this is BUSINESS. I’m totally focused, and when I’m searching for something-in this case, a male fit model–I become The Terminator; nothing is going to keep me from finding “Sarah Connor”!

Stay tuned!




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