5/7/09: Campfire Fades

Fades Around the Camp Fire

I’d gone camping down in Big Sur over the weekend and I took some photos of the fade progress thus far. As indicated in the images, I’ve been wearing last seasons PULSARS for the better part of 9 months now.  I swore to my girlfriend that I’d wash them once we returned to “civilization”. Truth is however, that I don’t think I can bring myself to do it right now. I’ll wait until I feel that it’s absolutely necessary. She’ll understand, I’m sure.




Anyway, the water down in Big Sur is deliciously beautiful. It looks as if the sea is filled with some exotic flavor of Kool-Aid…stunning.

Emerald Waters



Stay tuned!




For those who love jeans


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2 responses to “5/7/09: Campfire Fades

  • undergroundheroin

    Hey Thanks for dropping by my site!
    Nice site… its always nice meeting a fellow denim connoisseur ! I will be reading your site religiously and definitely interested in trying a pair of your denim!


  • JB

    damn, now those are some nice fades. i can never seem to get to that point!

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