7/20/2009: The Studio Sessions

Live from “The Haight”, Jesse Street and Mint Plaza, oneculture presents…Hello Again, 1970: The Studio Sessions.

Photos only tell half the story.  So in order to showcase how the jeans move I felt it imperative to post a few video clips.

By the way, for those who reside out of state who may be interested in grabbing a pair, contact either of The BLUES Jean Bar locations listed below–they will ship. And feel free to ask for a free oneculture t-shirt (brown, navy or black)!

NOTE: The jeans are vanity sized so make sure to size down 2x for a more snug fit.  For instance, a tagged size 32 has an actual waist measurement closer to 34″.  Keep in mind too that dry denim jeans typically shrink one size after the first wash.

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy my summer 09′ offering. Producing for my 2nd season was a blast (I had a ball)!! I’m looking forward to the future; new styles & new concepts. It only gets better from here. Have a good week, and by all means…

…stay tuned!

For those who love jeans

Available @ The BLUES Jean Bar:

1827 Union St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 346-4280

‎377 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 899-4012

1409 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 656-7898

2210 N. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 248-5326


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