1/28/2010: Round Three!

So, I’m just now beginning to make a little progress here…

Over the past months, I must admit…I’ve simply been doing all that I can just to keep my rent paid! In the process however, miraculously, I was able to sock away enough dough to begin working on my third season: “The NEW Pulsar”. Things have finally moved beyond planning into a more tangible space. Now I can exhale–wheeew

After having spent weeks going back & forth with a graphic designer, the artwork for my leather patch has been completed. Continuing in the tradition of story-telling, my goal was to make a statement with a picture. And I’m beyond satisfied wit the results. I’ll explain everything in detail once production wraps for the season, which, by my estimates, won’t be for another 3 -4 months.  The patches themselves should be completed and in my possession in another couple of weeks.

The first edited draft of the new Pulsar pattern is due to be completed late next week. From there, I’ll begin sampling and holding fitting sessions. And this process will be repeated until the desired results are achieved. It’s countdown to round three! I’ll keep you all posted…stay tuned!!

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