2/07/2010: Inspiration and Influence

Below are the leathers from which my patches are going to be made. The artwork is not mine; these are merely test stamps.

The “rust” colored leather supplied by the label development company (on the right) is fairly standard fare. However, I was dead set on using “blond” colored leather as I want my artwork to pop boldly against the denim. So I purchased a very nice leather slab from a leather shop in San Francisco. With regard to my choice, aside from it having the desired color and thickness/body, what stood out most to me was its texture. Its surface doesn’t have a sheen like most leathers. Instead, the texture could be best described as sort of an ultra fine suede–pretty interesting looking.

As for thread, I’m undecided as to which color pallet I’m going to offer for 2010. In addition to my signature thread colors (1970 and 78’), I’m experimenting with another, more subdued color scheme. The correct choice should be more apparent once I’m done sampling. The final decision will depend on which pallet works best with the denim.

If I’m having a difficult time deciding however, then I may post photos of each sample in order to let viewers decide. I’d take opinions over the course of one month. The color scheme that gets the most votes goes into production. That’s an idea…

A word on inspiration and influence…

Inspiration is the genesis of any creative expression. oneculture is not the standard Levi’s/work wear inspired raw denim brand. I draw inspiration from all over the place. I tend not to be inspired by things themselves so much as I am by interesting aspects of things…peripheral aspects that have the ability to affect emotions.

For example, I’m highly inspired and influenced by visionaries—those people possessing unusually keen foresight, whose ideas leave lasting impacts. To that extent, as a business venture, I’d have to admit that oneculture has been influenced more so by film than by other denim brands.

As one example, one of my all time favorite films is Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. What began in 1973 as nothing more than a grainy, little low budget, independent horror flick eventually became without question one of the most influential horror films of all time. “Texas…”, like “The Exorcist” before it, even caused some terrified theater goers to walk out before finishing the film—now that’s badass, ha ha!!! I’m downright awestruck by the sheer power of what Tobe Hooper was able to achieve with nothing more than a fresh idea and a vision.

Another one of my heroes is legendary film maker and creative Bay Area native, Russ Meyer. Although being highly sought after and well respected for his creative eye and thrifty attitude, he ignored “Hollywood” for the most part. “Sell-out” is the opposite of what he was! He opted instead to stay underground, producing his own low budget films that remained uncompromisingly true to his vision. He died a wealthy man, having managed to make a great living simply by choosing to do what he loved to do: tell his own stories on his own terms…a true badass! I find his passion to be quite contagious!!

With respects to art in general however, architecture is my first love (and, for whatever it’s worth, John Lautner is my favorite architect). Drafting was the only class I enjoyed during my high school years. Hence, with regard to denim design, I draw most of my inspiration from lines. Curved, straight or jagged, lines are everywhere you look. For instance, there’s something I find quite captivating about the outline of a woman’s curvaceous figure. Or, rather, those lines that form patterns, arcs or angles that sneakily seep into your subconscious and hold your attention.

For example, I’d purchased a Jockey brand thermal shirt back in 2004; the same year that I’d gotten the idea to produce jeans. Back then, I was still trying to create a signature look for my brand. And the angular “V” on the front of the shirt caught my eye. I thought that it was interesting looking; it definitely made the shirt look cooler than if it weren’t there. So I figured that I’d try and create a similar affect by placing a “V” in the yoke of my jeans. And that’s where I’d gotten the idea for “The Arrow”. Anyway…

Arrow Inspiration

I’ll talk more about inspiration later.  If I don’t stop here, this post will become a novel! I could literally type all day about the various people, places and things that, to some degree, have helped to shape my vision for oneculture. I just thought I’d take a moment in order to share what’s on my mind. I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!

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