4/19/10: 4 Months In

It’s that time again. Ryan Plett of “The Denim Debate” offers his insightful 4 month assessment of his Pulsars. He’d pre-ordered another pair not long ago, which I had made up along with my last samples.  And unlike the pair he’s wearing in The Denim Debate (he should have sized up one), these should be his *correct* size. I’ll be shipping those off tomorrow. He’ll be the first to actually own a pair of The NEW Pulsars.  Morgan–the buyer for The Blues Jean Bar–tried them on the other day and they looked great on him.  I look forward to seeing how they’ll fit Ryan…

By the way, I’ll be taking pre-orders for another week or so, right up until I go into production. I don’t really sell directly to consumers but I always handle a few pre-orders at the beginning of each season. The advantage here is that the jeans cost a little less than retail ($175 vs. $183), and there are no taxes or shipping costs. Plus, I always include extra denim fabric, thread and product info into the package.  In any case…

Just keep your eye on this blog from time to time.  2010 should be a pretty interesting year.  As always, I’ll keep you posted…stay tuned!!

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