4/24/10: Pre-Orders

2010 Pre-Orders

Someone recently inquired about whether or not it was too late to place a pre-order.  That email prompted this post…

I will be taking pre-orders right up until production begins.  I’ll be working on my tech pack this week, so that means that I’ll be open for pre-orders for another week or so. I’ll post a note when production for 2010 officially begins.  Pre-ordering will be closed at that point.  Please send all inquires to:


Up For Grabs

This year I’ll be offering both styles of the updated Pulsar—the regular straight leg and the slim tapered leg ($175, free shipping worldwide).  In addition…

I’m also offering slight variations of this year’s thread color reference (see photo).  One style features all brown top stitching (003).  The other is identical with the exception of tonal top stitching on “The Arrow” and along the back pocket openings (003T).  The latter (003T) is for those who prefer a more toned down look.  The tonal stitching should yield interesting results as the denim begins to fade though!

In any case, just let me know which cut (straight leg or tapered leg) and thread option you prefer (003 or 003T).  In addition…

Required Information

My job is to ensure that you get the correct size.  So in an effort to assist you precisely, what I need from you is your actual waistline measurement (recorded via tape measure).  It would also be helpful if you could provide an actual waist measurement of the jeans you normally wear, as well as any fitting details you may find informative.  Your jeans waist measurement can be obtained by using the “Blue In Green” method:


The Ideal Email

As an example, I was able to *immediately* pinpoint the correct sizes for a couple of guys after receiving the following information from one of them:

Andrew: True Waist – 33 (measured just below the belly button), secondary waist measurement – 33.5 (measured between the between the belly button and hip bones), third waist measurement – 34.5 (measured across the actual hip bones), waist on a pair of jeans – 35 (measured using the method on Blue and green website; these jeans are really baggy on Andrew, he would not want jeans with a waist this big).

Chris: True Waist – 34 (measured just below the belly button), secondary waist measurement – 34 (measured between the between the belly button and hip bones), third waist measurement – 35 (measured across the actual hip bones), waist on pair of jeans – 34 (measured using the method on the Blue and Green website; these jeans are the slightest bit tight, I still have room but a tad extra room in the waist would be nice).

Chris and I had gone back & forth over a couple of emails up until he sent this last one; it helped me to cut through the clutter.  Again, from the above information I was immediately able to determine exactly what sizes they’d need.

Lastly, please know that you should feel no obligation to make a purchase.  So feel free to simply inquire, if you wish—no pressure:-)

I’ll keep you all posted…stay tuned!!

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