5/9/2010: The *Official* Countdown

So I got with my fit model–“The Silver Surfer” (ha ha)–yesterday and banged out some product shots.  We’re not quite done (still have some other things in mind), but I managed to get some good images.  I have high hopes for 2010.  I’ve worked really hard in order to give consumers a cool & unique raw denim experience…

Having said that, I’d like to thank those who placed pre-orders, and even those who merely inquired.  If you’ve enjoyed my work thus far, then you’re really in for a treat this year!  I’ve shown the new Pulsar to a few trusted people, a couple of whom have even tried them on.  In each case the Pulsars were given the ole’ thumbs-up!

By the way, I refer to these folks as “trusted” because they’re denim enthusiasts to some degree.  Additionally, and more importantly, we’re not really “friends”.  We’re good and we’re friendly but we don’t, like, hang out or anything.  We met via my work with oneculture.  And as such, there’s no vested interest in protecting my feelings when they offer their opinions of my work.  They fearlessly give me honest & critical feedback–the valuable insight that I need if I ever hope to perfect my products.

On the other hand, my buddies–people I’ve known forever–are *clueless* when it comes to denim (ha ha)!  Plus, you know how it is…friends want to be supportive & all that stuff.  And while they mean well, they simply don’t have opinions that I’m bound to respect.  So I specifically told them to refrain from commenting on my blog .  And I never even bothered to tell them about my Facebook page as I prefer that the feedbacks happen organically.  Believe me, I got into this for all the right reasons!  I created oneculture from ZERO, and I want to be able to take real pride in my work and in the company that I’m trying to build.

And by the way, pre-orders for 2010 are officially closed.  I’m delivering all the inputs to my sewing contractors in the morning.  I was told that production will wrap up 4 to 5 weeks after.  Yeah, I know, I know…I was really hoping to be done by April or May.  But as is with life, things don’t always happen according to plan.  In any case, let the *official* countdown begin!

I’ll keep you all posted…stay tuned!!

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