6/14/2010: Done

By the way, everything’s done…

I’d neglected to mention that production wrapped up on Friday.  And in addition to fighting a vicious cold, I spent the better part of the weekend doing some post production work on the items–inspecting, hand stamping, etc, etc.  I made certain to ship all the pre-orders off bright & early on Saturday morning.  Their jeans should arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday…

However, I won’t be delivering the jeans to The Blues Jean Bar until Thursday morning.  And I’ll share the ideology behind this year’s production sometime after that–full post, photos, sizing specs…the whole nine yards.

I’ll keep you all posted. Stay tuned…

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2 responses to “6/14/2010: Done

  • Shane

    Hey Mark,

    You and I spoke via email a few weeks back – REMEMBER…BRING BACK THE BOOTCUT – just wanted to forward you a HUGE “Congrads” on the wrapping of production and offer you nothing but the best of luck as things continue to progress. I truly do admire your dedication/commitment to your passion and hope that the line will continue to bring much DESERVED success. Good luck with the new Pulsars!

    – Shane Wharton

  • bartacker

    Hey, Shane!

    How could I ever forget the Boot Cut guy–ha ha! And don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten. My plan is to retool it just as I’ve done Pulsar and then bring it back when I feel that the time is right.

    By the way, Pulsar (straight leg) pairs excellent with boots. Just a thought. I’ll post photos & stuff over the weekend; you’ll see what I mean.

    And thanks so much for the kind words. Making jeans is easy; everyone is doing it now. On the other hand, producing a product that resonates with the general public; now THAT’S tricky! And it feels great to know that people appreciate my work. I’m trying. I’m trying…

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