06/19/10: The Ideology 2010

The Ideology
It takes a common interest in order to unify. And the love for jeans is shared by people from every imaginable background. As such, “oneculture” is a collective reference to the denim lovers of the world…

The NEW Pulsar: Behind the Seams

Initially, I wanted to begin developing new styles for 2010. But after thinking it through, I swiftly drew the conclusion that that wouldn’t make much sense. After all, oneculture is still a very obscure brand. I figured that at this point it would make more sense to solidify my foundation before I begin building onto it. So I opted instead to try and perfect what has become my signature style: PULSAR.

Coffee, Music: ACTION!
I went into this season with the understanding that sometimes making the slightest adjustment(s) can make a world of difference. One thing I felt it necessary to do was to re-cut the back pockets. So I framed the stitching template in a more conventional manner. While I still dig the slanted pockets from last season, I wanted a pocket that looked good on every ass, whether worn sagged or pulled up. That was the rationale “behind” it; no pun intended!

Among other slight adjustments (fit-wise), I too was finally ready to explore the idea of doing a leather patch…

Motivation 101
Northern California is full of interesting, creative souls and inspiring stories. For instance, the first motion picture was created & developed in San Francisco, CA years before Hollywood even existed. Silicon Valley created the home computer; to say the very least! Pixar Animation Studios (here in Emeryville, CA) has completely lifted the bar with regard to children’s films.  Napa, CA is among the world’s finest wine producers. The comedic prowess of the legendary Richard Pryor took shape within the Haight-Ashbury community. And in 1969, a 40 year-old Donald Fisher started The GAP.

So, as a local business owner, I’m motivated to simply be able add to the rich history of my region. Furthermore, as a local resident, I’m motivated to produce shuttle loom denim jeans that reflect a Bay Area point of view.

The Sutro Tower
The leather patch artwork (1st edition) is derived from the idea that oneculture is a signal to the denim lovers of the world, sent from the original epicenter of blue jean culture: San Francisco, CA.

Having formulated the idea, I went into conceiving the design with only one stipulation: NO Golden Gate Bridge! One reason being is that the San Francisco – GG Bridge connection is all too predictable. Plus, in this case, it doesn’t effectively communicate the message, so using its image would’ve been completely pointless! On the other hand, The Sutro Tower has far more meaning to me. And in addition, it lends itself perfectly to my idea…

Erected in 1972, The Sutro Tower is like a gentle giant that stands vigilant over the Bay Area, keeping us supplied with great radio and television programs. As a kid, I vividly remember losing myself within the story lines of my favorite afternoon shows on KTVU Channel 2 and KQED Channel 9. Notables include the extremely cheesyCaptain Cosmic” show (Channel 2) and “High Feather” (Channel 9):

And I’m certain that no late-30’s Bay Area native could ever forget those educational shorts brought to you by “Charley & Humphrey” and “Snippets“:

Ahhh…to be a kid again!! For me, The Sutro Tower will always be more than a mere local landmark: it’s an icon of 1970’s Bay Area childhood nostalgia.

Thread Color Reference: East Bay MUD
The East Bay Municipal Utility District, or East Bay MUD (or even EBMUD) for short, is our local utility/water company. I did a temporary stint here as a water meter reader back in 07’—seriously, best job I’ve ever had! In any case, “mud” is strongest adjective that came to mind while conceiving a reference name for the brown thread. And together with the indigo thread, it sort of inspired me to think of all things mud and water. I eventually settled on “East Bay MUD” in order to give it a bit of local flavor.

Option: T
Additionally, I gave my top stitching pattern some serious consideration this season. The result: “T”. And the T stands for tonal, as in tonal stitching on “The Arrow” and along the back pocket openings. The “T” option was created specifically for those who prefer a more conservative look. The Arrow and pocket openings should gradually become visible during the fading process. This is a detail that I’ve decided to incorporate into my other thread color references as well, “1970” and “1978”.

I have a new development in store which I will address here within a day or two (lots more photos on the way!)…

But as always, my focus lies squarely on developing uniquely stylish, high quality products. Getting this aspect *just right* is what’s ultimately going to help bring the entire scope of my vision to fruition…

But life is full of curves, peaks, valleys and dead-ends. Whether I’ll actually “make it” or not is unknown. But, to me, the “unknown factor” has been the most compelling part of my journey thus far. I’m an industry outsider: just a creative guy with lots of ideas and a crystal clear vision. But from where I sit I have nothing to lose by giving it my best effort.

I’ll keep you all posted. Stay tuned…

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