06/25/2010: WebShop

So I’ve officially decided to set up a WebShop. Until I’m able to build a website however, here’s how things will operate…

I’ll take pre-orders for small productions (10 – 20 pairs) over a specified time period. Those interested will send me an email (mark@houseofoneculture.com) stating which size, style (straight leg or tapered) and thread reference you prefer. Each production will made from small rolls of high quality narrow denim goods. Ultimately, what this will provide for the consumer is 1) variety and, 2) savings.

As stated, for the most part, each production will be made up from a different roll of high quality narrow denim goods. Also, those interested will get to select a thread scheme from among my signature thread color references, “1978” (orange, brown and turquoise–001), “1970” (beige, olive and brown–002) and “East Bay MUD” (brown–003)—each featuring the “T” option (tone-on-tone “Arrow” and back pocket openings) as well; 001T, 002T and 003T, respectfully.

I price the jeans at below retail: $175.00 flat rate, no taxes. Plus, I ship worldwide (USPS Priority) for free. This is quite ideal for those who reside out of the state/country.

Having said all of that, I’ll take 4 -5 more pre-orders from now through next week. For those interested, first check the measurement specs (below). If your size isn’t on the chart, it (your size) can be easily marked & graded so don’t worry! Simply send me an email (mark@houseofoneculture.com) stating which size, style (straight leg or tapered) and thread reference you prefer.

Batch #1
This first official WebShop batch will be made from sanforized, 14oz Japanese redline selvage. I can produce approximately 11 pairs from this small roll. I can only take 4 to 5 more orders, as I already have 4 pre-orders recorded (people who didn’t make it into the most recent production).

Currently Up For Grabs (2 pairs)
I have two pairs on hand from this most recently completed production.

1) Pulsar Slim-Tapered, tagged size “33”, made from stiff 13.75oz indigo selvage.

2) Pulsar (regular straight leg) in a tagged size 29, made from 13oz yellow-line selvage.

As stated above, the cost is $175 (free worldwide shipping). Interested parties can send me an email: mark@houseofoneculture.com

And by the way, I’ll be having my own pairs made from the Batch #1 denim as well (I need a tagged size 38). I haven’t owned a pair since season one, fall 08’ (I never had my own size marked & graded), so to say that I’m extremely excited would be an immense understatement!!  I look forward to giving the new Pulsars a good thrashing!! I still haven’t decided upon a thread color reference yet though. In any case, I’ll be posting fade updates here…

I’ll keep you all posted.  Stay tuned…

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For those who love jeans
mark@houseofoneculture.com  (for all inquiries, contact me directly)

Available @

1827 Union St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 346-4280

1409 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 656-7898

2210 N. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 248-5326


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