11/07/10: It’s Time!

Passion–real passion–is born from the desire to make a difference

Hey, you guys!  It’s been quite a while, but I’m finally ready to begin taking orders for batch #3.  I had planned to get together with Rich (aka “The Silver Surfer“) today in order to take more fit pics for this post.  But as luck would have it, in spite of a week of beautiful weather, it rained today! But don’t fret as more fit pics will be taken shortly…

Anyway, for those interested in grabbing a pair of Pulsars, just drop me an email.  As usual, in order to effectively assist you, I’ll need 4 bits of information from you.

#1) Fabric preference. Your  denim options are as follows:


This 13oz. Cone Mills, blue-line selvage denim is sanforized.   Even after a 1-hour hot soak the measurements remained unchanged, with the exception of the inseam, which shrank 1/4″.  The denim is dark with a greenish undertone.  Pulsars made from this denim will cost $175 (free international shipping).


This 14oz., 100% cotton, rope dyed Japanese denim is nice & stiff!  It’s also sanforized; even after a 1-hour hot soak the measurements remained unchanged, with the exception of the inseam, which shrank 1/2″.  The color is nice & dark–just ripe for fading!  The first photo in this set (just above the photo of the seams) is a fairly spot-on color reference.  Pulsars made from this denim will cost $185 (free international shipping).

The $10 price differential is attributed to the HEFTY freight charges associated with having denim shipped over from Japan.  By the way, this is not the same 14oz denim from batch #2.  Anyway, in addition, I’ll also need to know…

2) Your true waistline measurement. If you normally wear dry denim, feel free to also let me know which brand (including the style name or cut) and size you wear.  Some purveyors of raw denim usually include measurement spec charts on their websites.  I can then investigate in order find the size Pulsar that would work best for you.  But still…knowing your true waistline measurement is crucial when ordering raw denim online.

3) Your style preference: straight leg or slim tapered.

4) Your preferred Thread Color Reference: “1978”, “1970”, or “East Bay MUD”.

A) 003 or 003T (“East Bay MUD”)

B) 002 or 002T (“1970”)

C) 001 or 001T (“1978”)

So to recap…

If you’re interested in placing an order, simply send me an email: mark@houseofoneculture.com.  Let me know 1) which denim you prefer, 2) your waistline measurement, 3) your preferred style (straight or tapered) & 4) thread color option, and we can take it from there.  Aside from that, I’ll keep you all posted.  Stay tuned!!

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