2/6/11: More Than Ready!!!

Howdy, All!

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in the Bay Area; sunny and mild thus far, although it’s supposed to warm up as the day progresses.  I’ve just had my coffee and now I feel like talking:-)  First things first…

I’ve decided to scale back on the web shop productions for the time being.  As stated previously, I’m in the process of updating my line and I have to allow time in order to get my own samples completed.  I’m doing another web shop production toward the end of the month but these orders will be the last group produced for the time being.  However, I’ll leave room for one additional pair to be made along with my own samples each time I go in to produce.  So I’ll continue to take orders on that basis; one at a time.  Just email me…

One thing’s for certain, however: the web shop productions will shut down in the coming months.  Again, the web shop idea was merely a way for me to prove my brand’s worth.  And, having just completed my taxes, I noticed that my business doubled in 2010!  For some reason though, I still have NO money–go figure!  Anyway, with regard to proving myself, my makeshift web shop seems to have been well worth the effort/headache.

The mini-productions were also a way for me to provide consumers with options on an on-going basis, i.e., various fabrics and thread color references. And as a result, I better understand the possibilities. But my sole goal for the year is to get my line into more shops.  I’m more than ready!!! I’ve spent the past two years testing the market, editing and getting prepared for this point. The 4th edition of Pulsar should be near perfect…

The pattern (1st draft) is done and ready for sampling.   I’m currently considering fabric and thread color options for my next large scale production.   I’ll first select the fabric and then choose whichever thread color reference best compliments the patina of the denim.  This, to me, is the fun part!  I used to be an Intern Project Engineer for Swinerton, Inc. some 11 years ago…

I worked on the Gap Embarcadero Project.  Yes, believe it or not, I helped to build that place (sort of)—ha ha!  There was NO building there when I came on board (1999).  The bulldozers were still excavating so the site was just one huge, muddy hole.

Anyway, I recall when it came time to review the material samples; fabric swatches, light fixtures, wood samples, etc, etc.  I still have one of the sample marble candle holders—it’s on my book shelf.  I particularly recall how excited I felt when the materials would arrive each day.  I too recall how powerless and discouraged I felt that I had NO input what so ever…NONE!  The architectural aspect of the project was what interested me the most.  Conversely, the engineering work was dull and didn’t provide any creative outlet.  And that’s precisely why I’d dropped out/flunked out of UC Berkeley’s school of engineering—UGH!  But that’s a dark, painful story.   Lesson learned: never, EVER chase a paycheck! Follow only your heart’s desire…

Anyway, selecting denims, pocketing, threads, etc. is no different from any other material samples review process.  But with oneculture, I get sole input!  So in that regard, the process is both exciting and satisfying!

With that said, here are a couple of the pairs from the last web shop production group.   I find Ed’s pair to be of great interest because, for whatever reason, the “1970” thread color reference is rarely ordered.  However, depending on the denim fabric, I think that it’s a great option for those who prefer a more toned down look.  Of course, along that same line, one can always order the “East Bay MUD” thread reference. But in addition to being toned down, the “1970” color pallet is also rather unique looking.   I think it works really well with the 13oz. Cone Mills denim. Great choice, Ed!!

By the way….doing the web shop has also made me aware of what sells the most; sizes, styles and thread color references.   I’ve sold sizes 26, 28, 30, 32 and 36. I’ve even sold a couple of 38’s.   But I find it odd that I’ve never sold a size, say…34, for instance.  I don’t even recall having sold sizes 29 or 31.  Go figure!   By the way, “1978” is by far my best selling thread color reference. Interesting…

Anyway, as always, I’ll keep you all posted with note-worthy items.   Stay tuned!!

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