Long Overdue

What’s up, you guys!

I’ve been getting quite a few emails from people inquiring about Pulsar V4. I know that I’m long overdue for an explanation. And I’ve been meaning to update my blog. But as one month turned into another, and so on, I started feeling guilty about not sharing my thoughts, or rather, about not having any note-worthy thoughts to share! You see, it’s like this in a nutshell…

The V4 Pulsar iz complete! It has been for about a month now. However, I won’t be ready to go into full production on it until my bills are paid off. The end. And there’ya have it, folks: the complete story!

Paying my bills down however, has been rather slow-going to say the least. I make a sucker’s wage at my night job! Consequently, I’ve been seriously considering completing my degree. Additionally, unfortunate/costly events keep popping up, further hindering my progress. Most recently, my car broke down! So now I’m forced to spend money (that I don’t have!) in order fix it. Additionally, I’ve had some recent relationship issues. Women–ugh!! Aside from oneculture, which brings me *the greatest joy*, my life has been littered with one mentally draining distraction after another. So, needless to say, that I haven’t exactly been in the writing spirit. So please put yourselves in my jeans for a moment and try to find it in your hearts to forgive my near 3-month silence.

I like to write when I’m focused. And today I got my morning started with eggs, toast, coffee and 150 push-ups. Honestly? I feel like fighting! Seriously, haha:) But I’m in great spirits and completely energized—>let’s go!!

So, as stated above, Pulsar V4 is complete. However, I don’t plan on sharing any photos or details about my work until I go into production. Just know that Version 4 will be the final edition (for now). After three years, I feel that I’ve finally composed a near perfect ending to the Pulsar story. I’m moving onto developing other styles after the coming production. I have the course mapped out and I’ll begin working on those items when the time comes. My next move may shock you!

I’ll be heading back in for sampling shortly. These next V4 pairs will be sales-ready samples, my “demo tapes”, if you will. And once those are complete, moreover, once my financial plate has been cleaned, I’ll begin shopping my “demos” around to various boutiques. Having said that, for those who wish to grab a pair of Pulsars (current edition), just let me know. Those pairs can be made during my next round of sampling.

So until next time, I’ll keep you all informed. Stay tuned!!

For those who love jeans
mark@houseofoneculture.com (To order, contact me directly)


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