9/11/11: Progress


I hope all’s well with everyone:-) As for me, well…all is well as can be expected, considering my circumstances. The good thing is that I’m currently making payments on my final credit card—YIPPIE!! Progress, however small, still feels pretty damn good, haha! I can now see a light in the distance…

However, I plan on sitting this year out. I’m in no rush. I mean, I am but, then again, I’m not. Like the old saying goes, “Haste makes waste”. This journal—“Evolution”–is not about my sharing seasonal looks, stocklists and other company information as is common with most other brand run blogs. If you’ve really been paying attention, the oneculture story has been about a guy with the tendency to take on tasks by jumping in feet first, making lots of mistakes, and struggling toward stability. Every so often I’ll read some of my early journal entries and cringe, like, “What in the hell was I thinking??”—hahah! Seriously, it’s just downright embarrassing!! But like I always say: this is real life, folks! This was a private journal before it was ever a “blog”; my start-up story. I’m just hoping for a happy ending…

Having said that, rather than surrender to my impulses, at this point I’m much more concerned with tending to the critical steps so as to get things done correctly. So in addition to paying down my debts, I’ve also been fine tuning certain elements of the V4.

With regard to the industry/market as a whole, I feel like a kid recovering from a severe leg injury, sitting in a wheelchair at the edge of a park, staring through the chain-link fence at all the other kids playing ball & having fun. And while it sucks to have to sit this season out, I find comfort in the fact that my cast will be removed soon. I promise to keep you all posted at every critical step along the way. Stay tuned!!

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