6/30/12: There’s always something…

Okay, believe it or not, I am working on things…sorta.  I mean, everything’s done on my end.  Samples—check.  Line sheets—check.  I’ve even secured funding!  However, surprisingly, sales have proven to be a tough nut to crack!  And I’d thought that this would be the easy part.  Hmph!  Go figure…

I’ve been contacting denim shops via email to no avail.  Yeah, I know.  Go ahead and laugh; I deserve it.  I now realize that I was rather naive (to say the least) to think that I could conduct sales in this manner.  So now I have to figure out how to make buyers aware of my brand.  There’s always something

I’ve worked feverishly over the past few years, testing the market in order to perfect my product.  I’ve even garnered a modest cult following in the process, independent of either the denim forums or the bloggesphere no less!  I share that to say that I’d hate to be derailed at this point, especially on any silly technicalities.

Anyway, I’m going to be meeting with Howard Gee of AB Fits soon in order to pick his brain.  It’s highly likely that I’m gonna have to somehow get myself a qualified sales rep.  In any case, I’m looking forward to hearing what Howard has to share.  I have lots of questions…

By the way, just thought I’d share a few photos from a recent shoot.  I’ll reserve the details for a later time.  The samples shown are made from 14.5oz Japanese selvedge.  I also have some Cone Mills White Oak fabric on its way.  I plan on taking lots & lots of photos this time out!

I’d gotten this old Consumers Distributing catalog (1978-79’ season) some months back.

Man, I used to LOVE looking through these as a kid!  My favorite departments were the jewelry and the toy sections.  I remember badly wanting (but never receiving) one of those gold horn necklaces; I would’ve been the sexiest second-grader ever!  The catalogs seemed to contain endless amounts of stuff.  I’m talking everything from TV’s to transistor radios, patio furniture, clothes, appliances…you name it; they sold it!  As you can see, for the low price of $2.75 you could’ve had yourself a sporty denim bag back in 79’—woo we!  Haha…

Anyway, you can expect a quicker update next time.  I’ll keep you all posted…stay tuned!!

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