San Francisco, circa 1970

San Francisco, circa 1970

Brand Profile

Hi! My name is Mark and I’m the owner and designer for oneculture; a San Francisco Bay Area based denim brand that offers a fresh, thoughtful perspective on dry denim.

The Story (the SHORT version):
My journey began back in February of 2004. In the beginning I knew absolutely nothing about manufacturing jeans-I didn’t sew, I hadn’t gone to fashion school, I had no knowledge of any of the modern day denim brands and I had no industry connections. What I did know at the time was that I was simply tired of wearing jeans from GAP/Old Navy and hence felt that I could do a better job of making jeans for myself. That’s how it all started.  Interested parties click HERE for the long version! Anyway…

I thought that it would thus be interesting (and entertaining to some degree) to document and share my experience, given my lack of credentials. My blog–an online “reality show” of sorts–is the result. Enjoy my Evolution.

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For those who love jeans

For WebShop  orders contact me directly: mark@houseofoneculture.com

Also available @ 

1827 Union St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 346-4280

1409 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 656-7898

2210 N. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 248-5326


9 responses to “About

  • jessica

    hey there,
    i read about your blog on denimhunt and i’ve been reading it like a novel ever since. having worked for a start-up denim brand i so admire people who do it on their own, for me the years were like dog years, the experience was so intense. i wish you every success!

  • bartacker

    Howdy Jessica!

    Thanks so much for the feedback and the well-wishes. It’s always interesting to hear from someone who intimately understands what I’m going through.


  • Darryl

    hi mark… i think it’s time to get me a pair of your beautiful jeans… 32W 34L… when’s your next production run? also getting me a pair of dr.denim’s new chinos… they’re so cool.

  • bartacker

    Hey Darryl!

    I’m still in the process of getting things together. But I’ll be in production soon, for sure. The jeans look very impressive; you guys are gonna love it!!

    I’ll definitely update my journal/blog once production has begun.

  • Bonnie Diaz

    I just wanted to say hi. I am Rachel’s cousin from CT. wanted to know more about your jean line. sounds exciting!!!
    Take care and I hope we get to meet one day..

    God Bless u both!!
    Wish u much success!


  • bartacker

    Hello, Bonnie! And welcome to my humble abode:o) I too look forward to meeting you some day; I hear that you’re one hell of a poet. Groovy!!

  • JB

    Hey-Thanks for stoppin by my place.

    Good stuff here. Wish you much success with your brand!

    Thirty Selvedge

  • dali

    hello. Wondering if you would take a pre-order and ship to canada?

  • bartacker


    Sure thing; no problem at all. Just hit me up at my email address and I’ll assist you there:


    I’ll send you a photo of the package that I ship to my private order customers. What I’ll *NEED* from you is your true waistline measurement (obtained by wrapping a tape measure around your waist). That way I can determine what size you’ll need.

    In general, oneculture runs 2x larger than your *natural* waistline measurement. So, for instance, if your waist measures 31 inches around, then you’d need to get a tagged size “29” for a perfect fit.

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